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Open House Supporting Local Artists

Thanks to everyone who attended our first fine art exhibition at 21 Washington Street. My wife and I have always been advocates for supporting local artists. After acquiring the space for our law office, it was an extremely important goal for us to support local art and to bring the community together.

Fortunately, the show was a huge success. We had over 100 visitors and were even featured in the Markham Review (special thanks to Andrew Fuyarchuk).

Also, a very special thanks to Linda Ruscio McIntosh for curating the show and to Linda Walesch for kindly documenting the show through the attached photos.

Feel free to stop by our offices during normal business hours to see the art that is still for sale. The art will be featured until our next show, which will take place near the beginning of December. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Please make sure to look us up on Facebook (@levsteinazan) and check the Markham Group of Artists' website for information on future events. Thanks again for your support of local artists and businesses.

Yours very truly,

Josh Azan and Alison Rioux Azan

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